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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Ready to have a more present and more productive workforce?

Personal energy management with Julie Richer will transform your team.

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Is your organization feeling the effects of the workplace shift, like burnout, absenteeism, disconnected teams, and low performance or motivation lately?

You're not alone. Nearly half of all organizations in North America are feeling the pressures of hybridization and the "Great Discontent", according to However, there's hope! Together we can transform your teams into better communicators, more present and more productive people.

Hi!  I'm Julie Richer.

I am an expert and speaker on wellbeing in the workplace and personal energy management, as well as the Founder and CEO of Peak Energy Management. I work with organizations (in French and English) to empower their people to be their best selves, giving you a happier, more engaged and productive workforce.


Through keynote speeches, in-person and online workshops/presentations, and high-level coaching, I am able to show organizations how to transform your practices to get the MOST out of your people. I teach your teams to deepen self-awareness, be present at work and at home, upgrade resilience and wellbeing, implement authenticity, reduce stress, and rise above challenges to achieve sustainable success.

As a lifelong learner myself, I am certified five-times over as a Change Management Practitioner, Life Coach, experienced Corporate Trainer, Naturopathic Energy Practitioner, and Qigong Teacher. These certifications allow me to help professionals rise above the dysfunction, avoid burnout, and turnover, while harnessing their power to give their best, most efficient performance in the workplace each and everyday.

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Popular Keynote + Presentation Topics
  • Activate Your Resilience and Wellbeing Within Yourself and Your Organization

  • Change Agility: Navigate Through Change Powerfully and Consciously

  • The Pillars of Team Cohesiveness

  • Mindfulness: How to Be More Present

  • Cultivate Community to Build a Thriving Org.

  • Self-Coaching for Personal and Professional Transformation

  • Creating Joy and Balance at Work and at Home

Like what you see? Book a no-obligation consult with me, Julie Richer, to learn more about what I can do to transform your workplace.

Wellness in the Workplace

by Julie Richer

Julie brings a refreshing and down-to-earth approach to her work with individuals and organizations, inspiring her clients to deepen self-awareness, upgrade resilience, implement authenticity in the day-to-day, and rise above challenges to be the best they can be, no matter the chaos in the outside world. She's available in multiple formats to help your team learn, understand, and implement wellness in the workplace to achieve greater success for each individual and together as a team.

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Julie's Keynote Topics include:

  • Activate Resilience and Wellbeing Within Yourself and Your Organization

  • Change Agility: Navigate Through Change Powerfully and Consciously

  • The Pillars of Team Cohesiveness

  • Personal Leadership - Activate Your Greatness

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Julie's Workshops + Presentations include:

  • Mindfulness: How to Be MorePresent at Work and at Home

  • Cultivate Community to Build a Thriving Organization

  • Creating Joy and Balance at Work and at Home

  • Self-coaching for Personal and Professional Transformation

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Teach Your Leaders How to Foster:

  • A safe environment for change management and agility

  • Effective communication among their teams

  • Resilience and overcome stress and other challenges

  • Authenticity in themselves and their teams

Keynote Addresses

In-person + Online Events

One-on-One Coaching

If one keynote, event or coaching day isn't quite enough, Julie can support ongoing education, accountability groups, and more over a set number of weeks to ensure your organization's success in implementing her strategies and tactics for personal energy management.

If you're not ready to talk with Julie just yet, join our email list to get free resources to help transform your organization and culture. 

Client Feedback

Don't take it from me...see what other leaders in your shoes have to say!

"I've attended Julie’s workshops for 8 years now and they keep getting better and better. She has a way of connecting with everyone and making them feel safe and allowing them to be vulnerable so that she in turn can help them evolve by providing tools, coaching, and different types of care to help with their healing. Thanks to her workshops, I have evolved and continue to evolve as a person."

-- Donna, Director Government of Canada

“There are five generations in today’s workforce and there is something for everyone in what Julie has to say.”

-- Charles, Director General, Defence Procurement Strategy

"This session was a wake up call to revisit my habits and learn different strategies that will help me with productivity at work and find balance in my lifestyle." 

-- Guisselle, Advisor, Georgian College

"Julie's presentation was mindful and timely for our organization. There are many changes that have happened and will continue. Sometimes as staff we need an opportunity/reminder of the best approach to what is happening. To be open, to be able to change our mindset is so important."

-- Sara, Toronto

“We all know what we do and maybe have an idea of how to improve i.e. diet and exercise… but this workshop walked us through the 4 energy sources - a process of self-reflection and more importantly self-identifying specifically what we can do to improve our energy sources and to avoid BURNOUT. Informative and very pragmatic.”

-- Shirley, Ottawa Carleton District School Board

“I learned to recognize not only the consequences of my energy depleting behaviors, but the impact and strategies on how to manage these behaviors to improve my personal and professional life. Julie was a wonderful speaker and did a great job of engaging the audience with her energy.”

-- Ricardo, George Brown College

Ready to see what Julie can do for your organization?!

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