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About Julie

Hi, I'm Julie Richer and here's MY story.

Julie Richer is an experienced energy expert and soul practitioner empowering people on their self-development journey to becoming the most aligned, centered, and authentic version of themselves. Having lived through the journey, Julie comes to you not only with a breadth of experience across corporations (both private and public) and organizations like school boards and government, but also through her own personal transformation and working with individuals who have committed to self realization and living up to their soul’s potential. She is certified five times over as a Self-Development Coach, an experienced Trainer, a Qigong Teacher, a Naturopathic Energy Practitioner, and a Change Management Practitioner and specializes in authenticity, adaptive resilience, personal leadership, personal energy, personal transformation and wellbeing in mind, body and heart.


Julie is now offering people the opportunity to realign and revive their mind, heart and body to connect to their soul and personal power in ways that feel right to them, as individuals. Through self-discovery workshops, healing & renewal retreats, gentle movement, and downloadable resources, Julie has developed multiple ways to bring you the very best self development and personal transformation programming out there today. 


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From a young age and a challenging upbringing, Julie learned two things:

  1. The world isn’t a safe place

  2. That it wasn’t okay to be herself

These two learnings shaped so much of what Julie knew and understood about the world around her and eventually drove her to become a people pleaser, a validation and attention seeker, and the biggest self-critic she could be. After unsuccessful relationships, an amazing son, and the elimination of her position after 22 years working in the corporate world, Julie hit her rock bottom. She was caring for a young child after separation, and living that hellish rollercoaster of emotions – from afraid to overwhelmed, to depressed and back again. She quickly realized that this ride wasn’t working for her and had to figure out her next steps before she imploded.


12 years ago with debts going up and her savings dwindling down, Julie made the BEST decision of her life and invested in her self-growth. She enrolled in the Breakthrough Experience and the Prophecy Programs led by Dr. John Demartini. She got certified as a self-development coach with CTI and completed her Change Management certification with Prosci, which re-ignited her passion for learning, teaching and creating. She dove deep into her own personal transformation, studying energy medicine and healing, while shedding away the old Julie and her unhealthy belief systems, patterns and behaviours. From there, Julie built and founded her own company, Peak Energy Management, that provides coaching, training and consulting to corporations and organizations who want to make changes towards wellbeing in the workplace, who want more productive and happier employees, and who want to create success while managing changes and challenges. She is a sought-after facilitator and keynote speaker at numerous wellbeing in the workplace conferences, workshops and corporate retreats in both English and French.


After working with corporations and organizations for so long, Julie has now adapted all of her lessons to focus on individuals who want to embark on their personal transformation journey or who have been doing ALLLL the self development work for several months or years and now need to put it into practice in their own lives to achieve the goal of self-realization or self-actualization.


This is not an easy feat by any means, but Julie understands what it means to live through the challenges of being lost in self-judgement, fear of being oneself and setting healthy boundaries, living through the rock bottom moments, making the decision to pull yourself out and really CHANGE your course. 


She has taught herself and numerous clients the art of discipline, adaptive resilience, self-assurance, trust, energy management and above all, to be one's authentic self and live a healthy, meaningful life. Julie is now certified to teach Qigong which allows her to connect with her clients via gentle movement, releasing old energy and cultivating their healing energy for vitality, health and wellbeing. You might even see her offering virtual and in-person classes soon.


As a speaker, author, mentor, and facilitator, Julie provides multiple ways for you to begin or continue your personal transformation journey, whether it’s a free download, retreats or a months-long course. Her energy, her down to earth, non-judgmental nature, and open heart will bring you back again and again to maintain your success on this journey called life, a better life. One you actually want to live and thrive in.

Julie Richer, specializing in authenticity, adaptive resilience, personal leadership, personal energy and transformation

Want to learn how? Start your journey with me here.

“Julie has the rare gift of presenting complex deep truths in easy, digestible parts making her a catalyst for your personal transformation. I wouldn't hesitate to participate in anything she puts her hand to, if you are ready to change for the better."


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