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The Wellbeing for School Boards Program

  • Creating resilience for better decision making & self-regulation

  • Recover from pandemic stress, exhaustion & discouragement

  • Implementing positive work/life and school/life balance

  • Empowering teachers, students & staff

  • Better test scores, impact on the community & overall reputation

  • Retain & attract top talent for your school board

Ready to see what Julie can do for your school, staff and students?

Build greater resilience, mental health and wellbeing for your staff, students and community with the Personal Energy Management (PEM) Program for School Boards.








Support &


  • We provide easy to use tools, strategies and resources for all learning styles

  • The program is tailored for different school grades and is available for all school staff

  • Fun, interactive and thought-provoking material and contains activities that maximize learning based on the audience

  • Designed for in-class learning and can be easily altered to accommodate virtual learning

  • Each participant has the opportunity to create their own wellbeing plan based on their individual needs

  • Encourages school participation and friendly competition to practice and implement wellbeing strategies

  • We offer additional activities and resources to support ongoing change and implementation ex: Qi breaks, breathing exercises, E+ toolbox (energy boost activities), mindset shift tips

  • Pre PEM and post PEM evaluations are done to evaluate the individual and collective transformation

  • Support and follow up is provided to the implementation teams/individuals from beginning to end

  • We offer coaching and consulting to develop a sustainable school board wellbeing plan for the years ahead

  • Builds awareness in your staff and students on the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Core Elements of Personal Energy Management (PEM)

  • Includes a PEM self-assessment and ignites individual  responsibility for one’s mental health and wellbeing

  • Empowers the whole school board with hope and motivation to reunite and create a wellbeing-first culture

Ready to learn more about how this could work for your school?
We'd love to chat.
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Meet Julie.
Creator of the Wellbeing Program for School Boards

Julie Richer has created the Activate Well-being, Resilience and PEAK Performance Program that helps leaders and their organization who work long hours, feel overwhelmed, exhausted, scattered and inefficient to get more energy, focus and strategies for PEAK performance and well-being.

I believe that maximum performance is realized when organizational well-being is achieved. Using an integrated approach, PEAK Energy Management assesses and builds organizational well-being focused on the physical, mental, emotional and core elements of its people.

Julie acquired her coaching certification with Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Julie has studied with Prosci Canada (Change Management), Dr. John Demartini – Human Behavior Specialist and the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and Chakaura for alternative/energy medicine.

"The way people are working is just not's our duty to change that and bring wellbeing into the workplace -- especially somewhere as important to our future as the school system."
          - Julie Richer

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