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Be The Best Version of You

Empowering individuals to self-actualize and organizations to thrive through personal energy management

Hi! I'm Julie Richer.

I am an Energy Expert and Soul Practitioner committed to helping you become your true authentic self. As CEO and Founder of Peak Energy Management for the past 12 years, I have helped countless organizations and individuals lose the baggage, tap into their intuition, and master their energy to become the best, most productive version of themselves. Now, I'm taking all of that knowledge and experience and channeling it into wellbeing programs, workshops, retreats and FREE resources for people who want to be empowered to achieve THEIR OWN ultimate wellbeing goals.

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Julie Richer energy expert and soul practitioner helping people with personal transformation.

Your Wellbeing Resources and Events

“Julie has the rare gift of presenting complex deep truths in easy, digestible parts making her a catalyst for your personal transformation. I wouldn't hesitate to participate in anything she puts her hand to, if you are ready to change for the better."


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