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Acknowledge the Dark Side and Allow the Light Side

Has it been heavy in your head, in your heart and/or in your life lately? Do you feel you are at the edge of an emotional breakdown inside or sometimes secretly letting it out or wished you could?

Oh trust me, you are not alone! See earth’s magnetic field is changing and it’s going through a frequency sweep and recalibration. (Hearthmath Institute, Gregg Braden and Schumann Resonance are places to explore this change, if interested). As humans, we are feeling that change physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There is a change and the impact on earth and humanity is strong. I’m practically sobbing as I write this. *Correction, I am sobbing as I write this.*

[In only about 10-15 seconds, I was able to let a good cry out and then I naturally came back from it, releasing a nice sigh and back here writing to you this intimate message of love, self-love. (Julie Hack: check out Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s 90 sec Rule in managing emotions)]

For the past three days, I’ve been feeling angry, extremely impatient, I’ve felt heavy sadness creep up and I’m realizing that not only am I pissed at the injustice in the world, I’m sick and tired of my own behavior and self-loathing.

Yesterday morning it all came together for me. Not long after I did my Virtual Uplifting Morning Routine (VUMR), I went to the dark side. How, you might ask?

See this new VUMR is with women (ages -40 to 60+) and I basically do a LIVE Qigong routine at 7am (MON - FRI), record the session and then share the recording with other women that registered who will view it at another time. Recording the session and sharing it privately with other women is NEW. I never used to record, but now that's what I’ve chosen to do for other women who want to do the routine at a time that works best for them. So, you can imagine that some women are concerned that the session is being recorded and then there are other women that really don’t care! You know the type that says “that’s who I am and so be it”. (YOU ROCK!)

However darn it, A LOT of women really do care about being recorded because they have body shame issues. But this is more than body shame, this is us feeling shame deep down for who we are, what we look like, sound like or whatever like! You know what?!?! This needs to STOP.

I’m sure some of you are almost yelling, “I KNOW GOD DAMMIT!!”, “I’M SICK OF JUDGING MYSELF!!” and “hating myself”. “But I don’t know how to stop!” desperately sighing. The thing is the human mind is conditioned to find faults and the human mind is not capable of self-love. That my dear, is the role of the Soul. Your soul, your true nature, your higher self, Christ consciousness, is to love the human part of you.

There comes a time in one’s human life that we are required to face all of who you are. The judgments that you hold about yourself and others, the behaviors and attitudes you have, the choices you make, the inactions and actions you take, because all of that crap needs to be accepted as part of your humanness. We’ve all had moments, days, weeks, years even of these feelings and actions:

  • Yes, I’ve screwed up financially

  • I eat too much peanut butter and chocolate

  • I have little self-control around sweets

  • I’ve been impatient and express frustration with those closest to me

  • I’ve procrastinated on important things

  • I’ve doubted and criticized myself more than praised myself for sure

  • I’ve been a prisoner of my own mind

That’s not who I am. It’s my human mind, my ego expecting perfection and seeing the shadow side of my existence. It’s my human mind that has recorded emotional wounds in my heart. It’s my misperception of things that makes me react in inappropriate ways. It's my physical body that expresses this imbalance as pain, ailments and disease. It’s my body-mind, not my heart and soul. Although we are human on earth, it’s time for all of us to remember the divine part of who we are. We are a soul living a human experience on earth.

Our Soul is pure light, pure love-energy. Since our Soul’s essence is love, then it’s time we allow our Soul to love and support our human self, fully and completely.

Let’s open our minds and hearts. ACKNOWLEDGE how you feel (the darkness), ACCEPT it completely and then ALLOW the light of your Soul to transform the darkness into light. Instead of letting the ego and mind take over, surrender to the part of you that fully understands and accepts the human part of you, faults and all! Be your Light Body!

I’m not a religious person, but here’s a Alleluia to Qigong! During my Teacher Certification process, Qigong is what led me to feeling my soul, my energy body and it helps me be more loving, forgiving, patient, kind, compassionate, tolerant, and happy! If you want some of that and/or need help blending your human mind and Soul consciousness, I’d love for you to join along the journey.

P.S. I’m feeling so much better now that I’ve written this. Thank you for reading right to the end. ❤️


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