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Setting a Positive Foundation for 2024

If I were to give advice on how to make peace with 2023 and set positive intentions for 2024, I would say to focus on these 5 things.

  1. Take stock of all areas of your life 

  2. Accept and have compassion for where you are

  3. Identify what you want and discover who you want to be

  4. Find your anchors

  5. Connect with yourself daily

In my “Make Peace with 2023 to Soar in 2024” workshop in December, our group excavated a lot of stuff in that 2 hour session. What was revealed? Most participants felt that “2023 was one hell of a year”, and the workshop helped all of the women attending to truly shift and feel hope, encouragement, and excitement for the year ahead. 

After starting the workshop, I believe we all recognized that it’s essential to flow through the following 5 key steps in order to move forward with confidence into a new year ahead. 

  1. Take stock of all areas of your life: In order to avoid repeating unhelpful behaviors, habits and auto-pilot actions, we need to review where we are in our lives and consciously take stock of our unhappy and happy spots. Getting to the truth of where you are, can help you heal, release and start anew. The Wheel of Life is amazing to help you start this process and if you want to lead yourself through thai exercise, download my FREE “Year and Review” self-directed Guidebook.

  2. Accept and have compassion for where you are in your life: Of course when we review our life we will notice the “not satisfied” or embarrassing areas of our lives and while doing that, there’s the risk of falling victim-energy. We might be angry with ourselves, feel ashamed of past decisions and then get so low that we believe that we are a failure. However, that is purely an ego pity-party having a say on your human experience. You are not just your ego, you are much grander than that. You have a soul and that soul is pure love and represents the everlasting love that exists in the universe, God, creative source, Mother Mary and so many more of our Ascended Masters. So welcome your soul to have compassion for the human part of you that did its very best with the knowledge it had at the time of those moments you criticize and have a hard time accepting. 

  3. Identify what you want and discover who you want to be: After that life review, it’s time to identify what you want instead and to put intentions around how you want to behave moving forward. Do you want to be kinder with yourself? Do you want to focus on getting your finances back in order? Do you want to be more carefree and explore who your authentic self is? Are you truly feeling that self-care MUST now be incorporated in your life? Whatever it is, it is super important to identify your desires as they will be your guiding light, your focus and inspiration. 

  4. Find your anchors: We all know that as soon as we set intentions, that all kinds of things can happen around us that can derail us off our path to our desires. Whether it’s chaos, destruction and harsh realities happening in the world, school system strikes, sickness or death, self-doubt, fears or financial instability, it is absolutely essential to ground yourself back into you! When the outside world shakes and crumbles, come back inside of you, ground yourself back into the present moment so you rise above the outside chaos. When you are grounded, you are more healthy, stronger, self-sufficient and able to truly be there for others that are in need. For me it’s Qigong activation and flows, it’s breathwork, it’s walking in nature and it’s talking truth with my loved ones. For others it’s meditation, it’s journaling, it’s swimming, dancing, playing music, it’s exercising and so much more. Find your anchor.

  5. Connect with yourself daily: Your greatest strength, compassion for yourself and others, the answers to your challenges and actually everything you need, resides within you. It’s way too easy to wake up and start the rat race and go about your day on auto-pilot or just simply follow the grind instead of being led by your Soul. Connecting daily with yourself by setting intentions for your day, oxygenating your body, lighting a Palo Santo stick or whatever else helps you stay focused on your desires, is pretty much a guarantee of creating the life you want. Qigong is what I do to connect with myself. It works so well that I have created a morning routine (that you can join anytime) that helps shed old energy, heal past wounds and brings me to be my most authentic and awesome self. :)  Want some of that?

We are wonderful masters of our own lives, and sometimes we need a reminder of that very fact. I wish for you to adopt the five steps above so you can truly impress yourself, love yourself, and share your wonderful self with others! 

If you want support and guidance to do any of the above, I invite you to come to the Set Your Foundation for 2024” workshop on Jan 9th at 7pm. Come experience the most down to earth, authentic workshop ever and feel inspired and uplifted to Soar in 2024!

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