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When the stress is up, bring yourself to the Center of You.

Have you been struggling staying present and away from stress and overwhelm? Do you catch yourself with your shoulders raised in tension? What about easily feeling irritated, impatient or frustrated and off center? I guess you could say that with all the daily life commitments and work demands (and what’s going on in the world), that it’s considered “normal” to feel discouraged and like you're running on a treadmill. However, your nervous system, possibly your kids and/or loved ones, and your physical body are yelling a big “SLOW DOWN!!” or maybe to some of you STOP!!!

We know, when we are experiencing stress we are not at our best! When we are not at our best, we take a hit, and the people we work with and love, take a hit too. The universe is testing you right now. Are you falling into your old habits and behaviours or are you choosing to live your life differently? Are you listening to your body and to your higher self? It's time to become conscious of our unconsciousness.

Along with the questions above, I’m offering you three simple things you can easily do to bring yourself to the center of YOU. Breathe… Yes, back to your core so you can feel grounded, in control, emotionally and mentally calm and physically present and energized. I’m going Qigong on you!  ‘Qi’ (pronounced “chi”) means energy and ‘Gong’ means skillful practice. I’m sharing with you three simple moves you can practice at your workstation, at home, in a public bathroom stall, in an elevator, pretty much anywhere where you feel comfortable, that can transform your life! Yep!

#1 Spinal cord breathing: This move is great to calm and reset the nervous system. Perfect to do on self-care breaks or work breaks, or when you feel stressed out. This move also enlivens and exercises the vertebrae and spinal cord, sending Qi (energy) up the spine and sending energy throughout the body for optimal functionality. Standing (preferably) or sitting, bring your arms up shoulder height, slowly inhale, open your chest and look up and then slowly exhale, round your back, tuck your tailbone, chin and elbows in. We usually take a vacation to relax and renew, do this simple move for 1 minute or two and you will feel like you just got back from vacation. Click on the title link of this paragraph for a demo.

#2 Wrist spirals and knee bends: This move is one of the best "grounding move" ever! Trust me, I've done many and this is a keeper!! Simply stand and spiral your wrists in one direction and then bring a slow knee bend up and down. Keep doing that move for a good 30 seconds or more, then spiral your wrists the other way and bend your knees up and down again. The knee bending pumps earth energy up your legs and the wrist spirals circulates the earth energy throughout your body, helping you feel grounded, present and calm.  Oh and side note on grounding - the more you are grounded, the more easily energy flows through you. Helping you release old unnecessary energy (like emotions, stagnant energy in joints, muscles and tissues or negative thinking) and helps you feel like yourself again. The centered you. 😉 Click on the title link of this paragraph for a demo.

#3 Qi Massage with breath: If you’re about to ‘lose it’ or feel emotionally triggered, this move is great to help you rid the excess energy that comes along with being triggered! Standing (preferably) or sitting, use your fists and gently knock up and down the center of your chest while taking a nice deep inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Keep going for a good 30 seconds or until you actually feel relieved and more relaxed. This way you avoid loosing your cool and protect yourself and your relationship with others AND you stop cortisol from circulating in your body causing a bunch of other serious problems. Click on the title link of this paragraph for a demo.

Stressful situations, unexpected changes, Monday mornings and high demands might still be a thing, however how you manage yourself in those moments of high stress will make allllllll the difference. Regulate your nervous system and bring yourself to the center of you, into balance in order to feel better, work better and be that better version of you… for your sake and the sake of others. Choose different behaviours from the ones you were programmed to do. Slow down or STOP and choose consciously to take charge of YOU and come to the center of YOU.


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