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Self Development Programs

by Julie Richer

Have you been on the self-development plane for years and just want that plane to land (finally feeling that you have arrived)?! It can be tiring to go from one place to the next without ever feeling fulfilled. I've been there, done that and have come out on the other side finally feeling fully aligned in my mind, heart, and body. And I want YOU to feel the same way!


With my self development programs, retreats and workshops for personal transformation, I'll help you clean up whatever is left from your past so you can become self-realized. Whether you are new to self-development or an expert, my virtual programs and live retreats are a place for you to heal your mind, heart and body, and align with your soul once and for all. The journey can be bumpy, but here we have all of the safety measures and support in place for you to land perfectly fine at your destination.


It's the right time to let the baggage go, so you can be at your highest potential, just by being YOURSELF. Your soul, fully integrated in your HUMAN body. To us, soul seekers, life cannot be more exciting than that! 

No available programs
“Julie has the rare gift of presenting complex deep truths in easy, digestible parts making her a catalyst for your personal transformation. I wouldn't hesitate to participate in anything she puts her hand to, if you are ready to change for the better."


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