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Full Moon Retreat

with Julie Richer
Oct 27 - 29, 2023

Have you been on the self-development train for the last couple of years, maybe still not satisfied with your progress?!? For those of us who are always improving on ourselves, sometimes it can be hard to feel grounded in all the work we are doing. But, have you stopped to take a moment to get aligned in what you have achieved and maybe even celebrate the progress you’ve made?!


You deserve it!

Let’s celebrate our soul’s journey, anchor WHO WE HAVE BECOME and all the efforts we have put into this BETTER VERSION! Are you ready?

Join us for a magical and uplifting FULL MOON RETREAT!

Full Moon Retreat

with Julie Richer

WHEN: Friday, October 27th through Sunday, October 29th


WHERE: Centre de Vie (beautiful natural retreat space in Ripon, QC)


WHAT TO EXPECT: A group of like-minded and like-hearted people that have been putting in the effort to become the better version of themselves. We will come together and carve out some “me” time where you can celebrate and renew yourself, surrounded by breathtaking nature, good nourishing food and a few soulful sessions led by Julie Richer. During our Full Moon weekend, you will activate within you what is essential for greater health, vitality, stability and abundance for the years to come.

WHY: Anchor yourself through all of the work you’ve been doing. Acknowledge the incredible progress you’ve made on your self-growth journey. You’ll have a chance to revive and align in body, mind and soul at this spiritual, magical, wellbeing retreat. You’ll laugh, you might cry, and you’ll most definitely have fun!

Join us! You don't want to miss it.

Spots are
limited, so don't wait!

Who is this Full Moon Retreat for?

YOU! The person who’s been consciously living your life, making HUGE efforts and dedicating years (or lifetime 😉 ) to your self-growth and to making this world a better place.

With a powerful eclipse the weekend before and the Full Moon energy at its peak… It’s the perfect time to gather together!

What will you get out of this uplifting retreat?

  • Be RENEWED and ENERGIZED and rise above the chaos in the world

  • Feel greater ALIGNMENT with yourself and others

  • Experience a RISE in your ENERGY frequency

  • Experience greater CONFIDENCE and INNER PEACE

  • Feel more GROUNDED and PRESENT


  • An increase in WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING of the bigger picture

  • PURGE OLD ENERGY and CIRCULATE RENEWED ENERGY in your body and organs

  • A deeper CONNECTION with the Universe

  • Activation for deeper INTUITION

  • Oh… and you may make a quantum leap. 😉

Come on your own or come with a friend, but give yourself this gift. Align and celebrate yourself with the Full Moon Retreat!

Location and Agenda


Centre de vie 14, chemin du petit Rang Ripon, Québec J0V 1V0

Enjoy the picturesque drive to Ripon QC and get to heaven on earth!


  • Breakfast (self-serve) 7:30 am

  • Qi Gong & Energy – Connect with Yourself and the 5 Elements 

  • Morning Workshop – Aligning your Mind, Body and Heart

  • Lunch noon

Pampering and Naturopathic Services:

Julie has invited her own massage therapist Edina Portas from ArtiZen to provide massages during the retreat weekend. Once you have registered for the retreat, you will receive Edina’s contact info and will be able to schedule your massage if desired.

Therapeutic Massage:

Other wellbeing services provided by Centre de vie:
Naturopathy & Iridology: $125
Energetic Harmonization: $125
Cupping massage: $105
Reflexology: $100

“The Full Moon Retreat was such an uplifting and life changing experience. I let go of past burdens I was carrying around. I learned about internal strengths I had but ignored. Most importantly, I got to meet and spend time with an amazing group of ladies. It was light yet deep!! Looking forward to the next retreat."


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