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How to Make Your Dreams and Goals Become Reality

Have you wanted to make changes in your life lately? Maybe you’re just not satisfied with where you are right now?

Do you have great ideas that you’ve been meaning to implement, but just aren’t doing much about it?

Do you feel slightly discouraged about your life and your level of motivation right now?

You probably know, then, that a change is needed. One of the keys to happiness is feeling purpose, feeling like there is movement in one’s life, and feeling like you are accomplishing your goals, and contributing in some shape or form in other people’s lives.

What I see far too often is people that have great ideas, goals or dreams, but don’t move forward due to a number of factors like:

  • distractions

  • fears

  • unrealistic expectations

  • lack of faith

  • possible challenges

All of these things that we can call “barriers”, keeps these wonderful people stagnant, playing small and dissatisfied with one’s life and self. Where I see much success (for myself and my clients) is when these wonderful people take the time to do some self-reflection (I have workshops coming in November to do that). They should reflect around their ideas and/or dreams before jumping into action, and ask themselves questions like…

  • What do I want?

  • Why is it so important to me?

  • What positive changes will occur when I reach my goal?

  • What can get in the way of me reaching my goal?

  • Is my current lifestyle and environment supporting me towards my goal?

  • What needs to change for me to succeed?

  • What benefits and what drawbacks exist as I attain my goal?

  • What action steps need to be in place?

  • From those steps, what are the priorities?

  • Who can be my accountability partner and what is their role?

Just like painting a room, there’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done prior to painting. Self-reflection and planning is crucial to making your ideas, goals or dreams become reality. So, do you have dreams, goals or ideas you want to materialize? Are you feeling that now is the time to make positive changes in your life? Now is the perfect time to plan and implement changes in one's life. It’s the time to clean things up before the holidays distract you or the new year happens upon you. It’s important to experience new growth, opportunities, happiness, greater life and self-satisfaction for YOU and no one else.

Let me guide, empower and inspire you to make your ideas, goals and dreams become reality! I have a few resources and events that might just help you get to where you need/want to be:

  • Your Values & Your Goals: A Blueprint to Success. My FREE workbook to help you make the changes you need and want in your life.

  • The Full Moon Retreat: Revive & Align in Your Mind, Heart and Body. Join us for a weekend full of celebration and renewal as we reflect on all the self-development work we’ve been doing and figure out how to move forward feeling grounded in that work.

  • COMING SOON: The Morning Routine with Julie Richer

Spend some time looking at your life and getting real about what you want to create and what you might need to change. Make time to do some self-reflection and think about “why” you want to make this change, what might be blocking you, create an environment of success and plan the action steps that will get you to your desired goal! These workshops are the foundation to making the changes you want. Skip this step and you will have to deal with procrastination, frustration and self-judgment.

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